Yes, we do! For your convenience, Livingwell offers both in-person and video visits (called telepsychiatry) to patients through our secure online platform. With telepsychiatry, you are guaranteed the same personalized care as in-person visits, without the hassle of travel but with the added benefit of comfort and flexibility. Telepsychiatry is available to both new and established patients at no additional charge.

Patients due for their annual physical exams and sports physicals have to be seen onsite at our accessible location at 912 Wright Street, Suite A, Arlington, Texas, 76012.

Family Practice

We see patients with minor acute and common illnesses. These symptoms may include cough, cold, flu, ear infection, strep throat, seasonal allergies, minor wounds, and skin conditions. We also see patients for annual wellness visits and school/sports physicals. 

Alongside diagnoses and treatments, we also offer additional services for patients, including skincare and cosmetic products. We also help patients seeking to optimize their physical health, by offering physical analysis, weight loss, and nutrition advice.

Behavioral Health

We focus on holistic care and wellness for patients who struggle with acute anxiety, depression, life stressors, and burnout. Most of our patients share a committed interest in improving their overall mental health and general health and well-being. Please note that we are able to see patients with ADHD but are unable to prescribe controlled medications such as psychostimulants at this time.

Offering holistic care, we make sure we acknowledge mindset issues and spiritual health issues alongside physical health issues through Bible-based coaching and/or recommendations such as prayer or scripture.

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