Other Services

Other Services

Other Services

Most Major Health Insurance providers accepted.

New patient, Obtain history, Focused Assessment, Medication Ordered as needed.

(private pay rate) Complete head-to-toe assessment, immunization/test screening, and labs ordered

Coaching Visit: "Blueprint for your weight loss"

Preventative Care, Annual, school/sports physicals, Common Acute & Chronic Illnesses- Including flu, strep, UTI, allergies, etc. Weight management, Chronic disease management, Routine labs, DNA testing

Weight Loss Visit or 

Holistic Health/Wellness Visit-

focusing on mind, body and soul health.

General Health Consultation

(No prescription with this visit)

For weight loss, wellness, skin/antiaging, customized supplementation, DNA testing or for any of our courses or subscription programs including the Livingwell Wellness Program, the Clinic Membership Program or our 28-Day Weight Loss Program/Course

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